NLP, Politics and Bernie Sanders

In 2016 I voted for Bernie (even in the general election which was no risk since I lived in a VERY blue state). I’ll probably vote for him again this cycle and I’m already noticing the same heavy bias from the mainstream media against Bernie.

But I’d rather prove it with voluminous, credible data instead of using my intuition. And I want to do it in an automated method, so I can keep tracking this, and be able to give fresh data summaries from time to time – particularly handy whenever someone writes or talks on TV about it and who lacks data behind their argument pro or con.

Seems like a doable NLP project. If only I had lots of time or the motivation to make the time against competing priorities. Being involved in a group (even a team of 2) motivates me to prioritize that over so many other interesting/important tasks in my life.

Are you interested? If so, let me know.

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